Frequently asked questions

How does the Pogo compare to the Nelle's Wow Mop ?

The Nellie's Wow Mop boasts that it is cleaning at 950 scrubs per minute. The Pogo Mop cleans at over 4000 scrubs per minute, and is a SINGLE PLATE design so the entire cleaning footprint is utilized for cleaning !

Does this product work on carpets and rugs ?

Yep. The Pogo Mop was orignally developed as a very high-end carpet cleaning tool. It cleans most carpets and rugs very well. Cleaning hard surfaces is simply not a challenge.

Is this a robot ?

No. It's a Hybrid. It is the only single-plate, AUTO-DRIVE cordless vibration mop available. Say Good-bye to Push Mops. Say hello to Pogo !!!

Why isn't there On-Board Water with a sprayer ?

Pogos "MOP-HEADS" are so incredibly thick, they can hold over 17 ounces of solution without dripping, so there is no need to continuously bend down to fill a water tank. The water / cleaning solution is exactly where you need it, ( on the cleaning surface ) and you can do hundreds of square feet with single MOP-HEAD. Also: Clogged / broken pumps or sprayers are the number one cause for returns for this category of floor machine. Thank Pogo for the Tankless System ! No tanks to fill or dump, no bending over or running back-and-forth to the sink.

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