pro xl/battery




orange --2 hour run-time


orange / green / white

Extra Mop-Heads / Batteries available for purchase.

  • 4000 RPM - 4 TIMES the competition! Utilizing Cymatic frequency to maximize absorption.

  • TANKLESS SYSTEM - Pogo’s SUPER-THICK mop heads hold over 17 ounces with ease - more than your average motor mop can ever hold!

  • PATENTED FORWARD-DRIVE ACTION - Allowing you to push the mop using as little as one finger while still getting a full, deep clean.

  • BATTERY-POWERED MOTOR MOP - Utilizing advanced battery technology which increases run time that's 3 X LONGER on average!

  • NO inefficient cleaning footprint, NO awkward mop-head swap, NO cleaning the machine after use. Just 1 simple ON / OFF switch is all that's needed!

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+1-805-383-5900 ( INTL )

+1-415-810-9244 ( USA)